April 27, 2010

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Casey Deming & Mike Hallenbeck

George Cartwright & Paul Metzger

Shield Your Eyes
& Andrei Kivu

Andrei Kivu is a Romanian cellist, improviser and composer who specializes in contemporary music. He is the founder of the Pro Contemporania Ensemble, the Free Sound International Ensemble and MultiSonicFest (the only festival in Romania devoted to improvisation/experimental/crossover music in Romania). Kivu is also a member of the “Harmonic Presence” foundation. He has had the privilege to study/work/play/record with great artists such as David Hykes, Marc Coppey, Sigfried Palm, George Lewis, Evan Parker, Daniel Kientzy and many others. Kivu was invited several times as a guest professor at NYU and at the “Givat Ram” Music Academy (Jerusalem, Israel) as well as to important festivals such as “Wien Modern”, “Warsaw Autumn” and the “ISCM – World Music Days”. He appears as a soloist on dozens of CDs with a wide international distribution, the most important being the collaboration with the prestigious label “Mode Records” (New York). In 2003 he received the “I.N.M.C. (International Consortium of New Music) award for Outstanding Activities as Performer, Professor and Music Organizer” (NYU, New York, U.S.A.).


April 20, 2010

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Tim Kaiser
Duluth, MN

Tim Kaiser’s work is performance art, sculpture that happens in time, using electronic inventions, text, imagery, sound, actions. Kaiser has become a kind of electronic bard of his region, creating a persona of the artist as a maker of freedom, along with the idea that freedom is something you have to make personally. The history and cultures of this region, lived out through generations of Kaiser’s family, provide both raw and refined material for his mix of dark humor, formal beauty, and hellraising. -mnartists.org

Jozef Van Wissem

Jozef Van Wissem is a lute player/composer from Holland. Devoted to what he terms, “The Liberation of the Lute”, his compositions for the instrument have involved a dynamic mix of conceptual, minimalist and improvisational strategies. Over the last two decades, he has used cut and paste tactics, created palindromic compositions by playing pieces forwards and then backwards and used field recordings and free improvisation to create a sound world that is at once meditative and surprising, new and arcane. An incessant touring musician, Van Wissem’s hypnotic live shows have taken him all over the world. He has records out on Important Records, BVHaast and his own Incunabulum label and has collaborated with James Blackshaw (as ‘Brethren of the Free Spirit’), Tetuzi Akiyama, Smegma, Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart’s guitarist) and Maurizio Bianchi. Most recently he has begun playing his compositions in a trio with Robbie Lee and Che Chen called, ‘The Heresy of the Free Spirit’.

Che Chen & Robbie Lee
Brooklyn, NY

Che Chen & Robbie Lee are Brooklyn, NY based multi-instrumentalists who have been steadily and intensively developing their unique approach to free improvisation over the last several years. Using a shifting constellation of instruments that has included bass clarinets, baroque recorders, reed and pipe organs, renaissance keyboard instruments, flutes, saxophones, bowed and plucked strings, little drums, bells, tape machines and their voices, Che Chen and Robbie Lee create earthy, slow moving improvisations that are informed as much by the ethnic folk traditions of the world as they are by 20th century composition and improvisation. Their music places precedent in listening, attention and dynamic interaction in the moment. Chen and Lee have released an LP and several cd-r’s on their own Telegraph Harp imprint.