January 22, 2013

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Take Acre
Rich Barlow (guitar)
Jaron Childs (lapsteel)
Charles Gillett (bass)
Davu Seru (percussion)

Bryce Beverlin II
& Jaron Childs
(percussion duo)

Jon Kuder (electric piano)


January 8, 2013

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Adam J Patterson, BA

Lisa McGrath, John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn & Matt Wacker

Transitional Species


Tuesday Series Kickstarter

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Please Give

The Tuesday Improvised Music Series strives to build community around improvised music by presenting emerging and established artists twice a month in a casual environment at Madame of Arts in Minneapolis. Funds from this project will go directly to the rental costs of The Tuesday Series.

The Series minimizes the boundaries inherent to traditional concert settings, holding events in such venues as Gus Lucky’s, Acadia Theatre, Art of This Gallery, Franklin Art Works, and Madame of the Arts. Beginning by presenting a dedicated core of local performers, the The Series has grown with the expanding Twin Cites improvised music community, and now programs national and international artists regularly. The Series will continue to present concerts at Madame of the Arts in 2013, centrally located at 3401 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis.

Past performers from 2012 (not in any particular order) include:
Davu Seru, Bryce Beverlin ll, Elaine Evans, Andrew Broder, Timothy Glenn, George Cartwright, Isa Gagarin, Markus Lunkenheimer, Lisa McGrath, Casey Deming, Matt Wacker, Chris Hontos, Chris Farstad, Naomi Joy, Jon Davis, Milo Fine, Adam Patterson, Jesse Peterson, Charles Gillett, Paul Metzger, Kevin Cosgrove, John Marks, Mitchell Dose, Andrew Lange, John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn, Eric Lunde, Jason Millard, Matthew Himes, Montgomery Ward, Aerosol Pike, Mike Hallenbeck, Justin Meyers, Ben Brockway, Beth Chekola, John Jerry, Tatsuya Nakatani, Cactus Truck, Tilth, White Suns, Suzuki Junzo, Circuits Des Yeux, Derek Winston Maxwell, Maja Radovanlinja, Urarider, Joey Molinaro, LBS, Facebook, Chris Forsyth, Micheal Flora, Pentacene, Jonathan Zorn, Sam Wildenauer, Will Neslon, Fripp and Budd, Noise Quean Ant………..

Thank You