December 22, 2009

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Davu Seru & Paul Metzger


Carol Genetti – voice, Chicago
Jacob Wick – trumpet, Brooklyn
Aaron Zarzutzki – no-output turntable, Chicago
Wilson Shook – alto saxophone, Seattle

_ _ _

Carol Genetti is a vocalist, composer and installation artist. Her work is
focused on the interplay between the voice as an expressive musical
instrument and its extension into the sound-making realm. She has studied
a variety of techniques including Western singing, Hindustani classical
voice and Bulgarian folk music. Through these studies and her own
explorations, she has developed a personal yet universal palette that is
an abstraction of “extended” voice sounds — breaths, overtones, and
disconnected textual bits, squeaks, growls, non-verbal tones – sounds that
evoke unconscious emotions and human physicality.

- – -

Jacob Wick was born near Chicago, IL in 1985. An “edgy, fiercely smart
improviser” (Philadelphia Weekly), who Downbeat calls “exciting and
curious,” his playing has been described as everything from “inhuman”
(Chicago Reader) to “a Shakespeare soliloquy” (allaboutjazz.com).

As a composer, performer, and improviser, his goal is not necessarily to
cross boundaries, but rather to inhabit and exploit them. To this end, he
leads or co-leads several groups, all exploring the soft tissue that binds
genres, forms, and practices.

Jacob’s visit to minneapolis coincides with the final leg of his project
“ROAD TRIP: drawing a perimeter of the united states”. more details about
ROAD TRIP may be found at here

- – -

Aaron Zarzutzki is a improviser of various sorts. He works primarily with
misuse and perversion of objects and systems. Virtuosity, volatility,
futility, and capability are thought of. Zarzutzki currently lives, works,
and plays in Chicago.

- – -

Wilson Shook is an improvising saxophonist living in Seattle, Washington.

Wilson’s music emphasizes focus, texture, chance and exploration. It
exists in dialogue with its specific and contingent contexts; it is ‘new
music’ in that it explores each new moment and seeks to develop a critical
awareness of the present. Perhaps better characterized as ‘present
music’, it is less concerned with staking out new musical territory than
it is with creating relevant and personal communication that places equal
value on intention and sensitivity.

Wilson is the director of Gallery 1412, an artists’ collective and
performance space, and is a member of the Seattle Improvised Music board
of directors.