November 24, 2009

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Alex St Germain & Mark McGee (cello and electronics)

Tamarack Tim Glenn & Portia Richardson (strings and percussion)

Casey Deming & Jaron Childs (tapes and alto sax)


July 28, 2009

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The Minneapolis Free Music Society with Davis, Lamb, Schneider, and Wadhawan

Jesse Petersen & Alexandra St. Germain

Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul

- – - –

Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul will be visiting us from Providence, RI. They will play two short solo sets and then as a duet. Details on their work are below:

eli keszler

Using drums, along with crotales, bells, bowed metal, strings, Eli creates a unique whirlwind of sound that balances sparse droning harmonics with intense, fast, free rhythms. He has performed, recorded or collaborated with artists such as Jandek, Phill Niblock (performed a new work of his for bowed crotales and saxophone), Roscoe Mitchell, Loren Connors, Charles Cohen, Anthony Coleman (appearing on his New World Records Release), Aki Onda, Bryan Eubanks, David Linton, Steve Pyne (Redhorse), Greg Kelley, Ashley Paul. Eli has performed at venues like The Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), Irving Plaza, Merkin Hall, Issue Project Room, The Stone and The Knitting Factory (NYC and LA), and countless bookstores, basements, and small galleries around the US and Europe. He has released solo CD’s and cassettes on REL as well as labels such as Rare Youth (debut solo LP, Livingston), Reverb Worship and Something on The Road.

“…fantastic LP of austere solo percussion and dark matrixes of strings from this past collaborator with Jandek, with aspects of Scelsi and Dumitrescu, , Keiji Haino and Biota.”
-david keenan (volcanic tongue, wire magazine), on eli’s solo LP “livingston”

“It’s hard to envisage that this music has been made by just one person ..especially on parts of Untitled, where the music slowly builds..the slower more textural sections are particularly striking: bowed cymbals, bells and fender rhodes give track 2 a chamber music intimacy.”

mike barnes, wire magazine August 2007

ashley paul

Ashley Paul plays reeds, unique string instruments, electronics and sings. Her dream-like music juxtaposes aggressive, sustained high pitched blasts, floating vocals, clattering strings and bells, cry-like saxophones and is somehow tied together by oddly melodic songs. In the past year she performed with Loren connors, Aki Onda, Joe Morris, and Greg Kelley, premiered a new work by Phill Niblock for soprano saxophone and bowed crotales (written for her and Eli Keszler), performed as part of the US premiere of Mauricio Kagel’s masterpiece ‘Der Schall’ at Merkin Concert Hall in New York and was heard in a live feature on wzbc’s Rare Frequency. Additionally, Ashley performs regularly with Anthony Coleman in duo, trio and on his recent New World Records release, plays duo with Eli Keszler and has recently begun performing solo, sharing the stage with Thurston Moore, Mats Gustaffson, Chris Corsano and others.

“An entirely impressive collection of alvin lucier / horatio radulescu-lineage difference tones, discordant euro-style free improv, and rattling, almost no-wave esque exercises …a form destroyer if there ever was one ; highly recommended !!!”

Keith Fullerton Whitman
mimaroglu music sales

“Album of the column from this newcomer…DOL is an intriguing hybrid, merging long-form tones with primitivist DIY clatter and Improv dissonance. Paul handles the mutually antagonistic idioms with aplomb and a winning mixture of accuracy and rawness.”

-wire magazine November 2008


March 31, 2009

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Alexandra St. Germain (cello)

Leak Probe (electronics)

Brood Chamber (electronics)

Bryce Beverlin II & Jaron Childs


January 13, 2009

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Aerosol Pike (horns and percussion trio)

Alexandra St-Germain (solo cello)

(Alex was out sick for this show, but Andrew Broder filled her spot on short notice)

Jaron Childs (solo sax)