March 8, 2011 @ Franklin Art Works

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Tuesday March 8, 2011
Franklin Art Works
1021 East Franklin Avenue
8pm / $5

The Tuesday Series along with Art of This, Taiga Records, and Franklin Artworks present an evening of improvised music featuring Lisbon-based experimental artist Rafael Toral in a debut pairing with Twin Cities’ percussionist Davu Seru. This concert celebrates the release of “Space Elements Vol. III” on Taiga Records. Performing in support of this special event will be the Lincoln Nebraska experimental duo Seeded Plain, and the unavailing of the new collaboration between Twin Cities’ Paul Metzger, Elaine Evans and Milo Fine.

Art of This
Taiga Recs
Franklin Art Works

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Rafael Toral (Lisbon, Portugal)
with Davu Seru

Rafael Toral plays experimental electronic instruments. Melodic without notes, rhythmic but without a beat, familiar but strange, meticulous but radically free, he calls his style “post-free jazz electronic music”. Riddled with paradox, yet full of clarity and space, Toral’s playing has been described as “a brand of electronic music far more visceral and emotive than that of his cerebral peers”. Its development is the Space Program, a complex network of recordings and performance series, structured explorations on his custom instruments, articulating silence and sound in a thoughtful, yet physical way. This concert celebrates the release of “Space Elements Vol. III” on Taiga Records.

Davu Seru began playing drums in 1985. Except for a few weeks of gyil lessons in Ghana, he is a self-taught musician. He calls himself a jazz musician. He’s worked with numerous improvising musicians including Milo Fine, Andrew Lafkas, Jaron Childs, Charles Gillett, Jack Wright, Anthony Cox, Evan Parker, Wendy Ultan, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Adam Linz, George Cartwright, Stefan Kac, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jim Baker, Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, Tatsu Aoki, David Boykin, Nicole Mitchell and Harrison Bankhead. He also plays in the instrumental rock band Take Acre.

Seeded Plain
Seeded Plain (Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer) perform improvised and composed pieces on homemade instruments, electronics and custom audio software. The duo began performing in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2007 after playing together in the four-piece Shelf Life ensemble. Seeded Plain toured in Europe in 2008 and in the U.S. in 2010 (with Maria Chavez), presenting instrument building workshops and collaborating with local artists. Their newest release, “Entry Codes” on Lisbon, Portugal’s Creative Sources label was recorded at Kreimer’s Tooth Black studio in winter 2009/2010.

Paul Metzger / Milo Fine / Elaine Evans

milo fine:
Born 1/22/52, Milo has played drums since 1961 (informal studies with
Elliot Fine); piano since 1966 (studies with James Allen 1966-67); B
Flat clarinet since 1974; alto clarinet since 1992; and E flat
clarinet since 2002. (He also played bass clarinet from 1989-1997.)
His initial contact with the marimba was in 1959, and he returned to
it in 1990. In 1980, Milo invented the m-drums, a percussion kit made
up of “found objects”, broken cymbals, and the like attached to a
practice pad set. In 1987 this kit evolved into the m-drums II, which
incorporates low tech electronics; that, in turn, he also utilizes
with the B flat clarinet, marimba, and electronic piano.

paul metzger:
Paul Metzger is a very worthy heir to the mystic throne of late
acoustic-guitar shaman Robbie Basho. Using a variety of retooled
banjos and other multistringed implements—not to mention absolutely
stunning technique—he creates sweeping, swirling 21st-century ragas.
– Time Out New York

elaine evans:
Trumpeter Elaine Evans flows from terse to loquacious. Her 2009
European tour of solo trumpet improvisations was received
enthusiastically as were her many collaborations with the likes of
Milo Fine, Davu Seru. Elaine is also a founding member of The
International Novelty Gamelan.


June 8, 2010

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1st set
Milo Fine drum set (bowed cymbals)
Paul Metzger modified banjo and/or guitar, guitar, spontaneous composition generator

2nd set
Milo Fine drum set (bowed cymbals), B flat clarinet
Charles Gillett guitar
Viv Corringham voice
Elaine Evans violin


Milo and Paul recently released a split 12″
It will be available for purchase at this show

Nero’s Neptune LP #12
Milo Fine “Concerning The Other Condition”
Paul Metzger “Spontaneous Composition Generator”
Strictly limited edition of 421 vinyl copies
Screen-printed onto wax paper sleeves, 180 gram vinyl

Distributed by Treehouse Records @ treehouserecords@gmail.com

Side Milo:
1) Moosbruger
2) Ulrich

Side Metzger
1) 18:43

’Moosbruger’ was recorded on the occasion of my first public collaboration with Paul Metzger. Before the concert, and for a number of
reasons, my thought was that, when my name was drawn for a solo, I’d be playing drum set. But, as befits the spirit of improvisation (the moment), I grabbed the B flat clarinet, and then, echoing the first time I played piano in public (1971), moved off stage to the prepared piano remains, where the two instruments conjoined. “Ulrich” is a self-contained section of a set-long {drum} solo I played at the Art of This Gallery’s Tuesday Night Improvised Music Series. ‘Moosbruger’ was recorded on March 21, 2009. ‘Ulrich’ was recorded on January 20, 2009.
–Milo Fine

I created the Spontaneous Composition Generator to produce a random series of musical actions. It is a device consisting of 37 altered music box movements mounted in a wooden painter’s box. The alterations include dampening, detuning, replacing, removing, doubling, and reversing the tines. Most of the original melody pins on the cylinders were removed. Rubber bands of various lengths and thicknesses were attached to the winding stems to facilitate a continuously variable tension. One dozen hand-wired piezo pickups are attached to output a stereo signal. The piece on this recording was created November 9, 2009 with a time of 18:43. It was specifically made as a complement to Milo’s contributions to this Nero’s Neptune LP.
–Paul Metzger


May 25, 2010

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Davu Seru cello
Naomi Joy violin
Daniel Furuta cello
Elaine Evans violin

Tim Glenn & Jon Davis

Jesse Petersen & Sean Smuda guitars


January 5, 2010

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Ryan Reber: soprano sax
Milo Fine: B flat clarinet
Elaine Evans: acoustic violin

Aerosol Pike + 5
Philip Mann: alto sax, bass clarinet, drum set
Ryan Reber: soprano sax
Rick Ness: drum set, B flat clarinet, alto sax, multi-toned tenor marching bugle
Milo Fine: marimba, B flat clarinet
Davu Seru: amplified cello
Charles Gillett: guitar
Stefan Kac: tuba
Elaine Evans: amplified violin, pocket trumpet


August 25, 2009

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Elaine Evans

Mike Hallenbeck & Tim Glenn

Take Acre (Richard Barlow, Jaron Childs, Charles Gillett, Davu Seru)


November 25, 2008

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Kevin Cosgrove [percussion/inventions] Elaine Evans and Joseph Damman [wind instruments]

George Cartwright + Davu Seru

Bryce Beverlin II

bryce beverlin II live improvisation november 25 2008 from brycebeverlinII on Vimeo.