May 3, 2011

posted by casey on 2011.04.30, under Music

Brambles Cinch (chicago, ill)
I am John Collins McCormick, a mulit-media artist working with drawing and sound. As a performer I am Brambles Cinch, one half of the duo Sky Thing and I work with percussive sounds. I’m influenced by sounds simultaneity and try to emulate interior and exterior soundscapes while improvising. I’ve currently moved laterally from the drum and sticks by building a cigar box contact mic instrument which is equipped with variable speed motors and also acts as a resonate surface for small percussive sounds. These sounds are amplified and filtered and then resonate through transducers attached to balloons. The resulting performances are always changing as the objects used are accumulated through the territory in which I am performing.

Davu Seru (percussion)

Dubbelboss (bass & electronics)