August 27, 2013

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Negativwobblyland is a collaboration between Peter Conheim of the sampling art collective Negativland and Jon Leidecker of Wobbly (with satellite members from Negativland often expanding the group to a trio). The duo eschews the cut-and-paste mass media collage of their previous work to celebrate the unpredictable magic of the Booper, an instrument invented by Negativland’s The Weatherman in 1975. Boopers are 100% analog feedback instruments, created entirely from salvaged radio and amplifier parts, which recycle their outputs back upon themselves to generate an endlessly changing stream of living electronic sound, seeking connections back to the earliest years of the medium. Further captured and transformed by live sampling (itself a form of feedback), the duo’s music is inherently improvisatory.

Jesse Petersen

Jon Davis & Alden Ikeda


February 5, 2013

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Bunnies in Baskets
Ryan Wurst & Josh McGarvey (guitar/electronics)

Jon Davis & Alden Ikeda (bass clarinet/percussion)

Fripp & Budd
Casey Deming & John Marks (synth/tape)


July 10, 2012

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Adam Patterson, Jon Davis & Jonathan Zorn
(bass clarinet, objects, sax, etc)

Sam Wildenauer & Will Nelson
(upright bass and guitar)

Dave Krejci & Jon Davis
(cleophone and bass clarinet)


February 28, 2012

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Justin Meyers
(Modular Synthesizer)

Jon Davis & Naomi Joy
(clarinets, violin, voice)

Davu Seru (percussion)
Elaine Evans (violin, pocket trumpet)


May 17, 2011

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Squid Fist (percussion, electronics, voice)
Bryce Beverlin II, Casey Deming, Tim Glenn

Dimanche (violin, clarinets, voice)
Naomi Joy & Jon Davis

Radical Cemetery (electronics and percussion)
Aaron Anderson, Eric Carlson, Fletcher


February 22, 2011

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Naomi Joy (violin) & Jon Davis (clarinets)

Chris Hontos & Chris Farstad (guitars / electronics)

Dave Krejci (cleophone)


May 25, 2010

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Davu Seru cello
Naomi Joy violin
Daniel Furuta cello
Elaine Evans violin

Tim Glenn & Jon Davis

Jesse Petersen & Sean Smuda guitars


December 8, 2009

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Bill Lang & Alden Ikeda

Lisa McGrath & John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn

Jon Davis & Jeremy Ylvisaker


October 7th, 2008

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Raised Beds

Charles Gillett [guitar]

Process is the Goal
Jon Davis (bass clarinet/electric bass)
Jamie Paul Lamb (keyboards)
Edward Schneider (alto saxophone)
Brian Susko (sound engineer)
Wendy Ultan (violin)
Neil Wadhawan (percussion)

Raised Beds

Charles Gillett

Process is the Goal