November 4 @ The White Page

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Tatsuya Nakatani
Isa Gagarin
Tim Glenn
Lisa McGrath
Crystal Myslajek

Nov 4th
The White Page
3109 E 42nd St


March 25, 2014

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Adam Patterson
& Lisa McGrath

Jonathan Kaiser
& Naomi Joy

Bryce Beverlin II
& Charles Gillett


October 22, 2013 @ Soap Factory

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Second & last installment of Tuesday Series transplant shows @ The Soap Factory as part of the MN Biennial ,,, curated by John Marks & David Petersen. Each set will once again be accompanied by visual projections.

Jonathan Kaiser
(projections by Sam Hoolihan)

Squid Fist
(projections by Trevor Adams)

Matt Wacker & Lisa McGrath
(projections by Lisa McGrath & Kendra Pollock)

Soap Factory
514 Second St SE Mpls, MN
Tuesday, Oct 22 | $5 suggested donation


March 19, 2013

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Davu Seru, Charles Gillett & Jaron Childs

Aerosol Pike
Philip Mann
Ryan Reber
Rick Ness

Adam Patterson, Lisa Mcgrath & Kevin Cosgrove


January 8, 2013

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Adam J Patterson, BA

Lisa McGrath, John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn & Matt Wacker

Transitional Species


February 7, 2012

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(last to first)

John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn & Lisa Mcgrath

Andrew Lange
Mitchell Dose

Charles Gillett


May 31, 2011

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John Zuma Saint Pelvyn (guitar & thermion)

Matt Wacker & Lisa McGrath (electronics, mic’d percussion)

Eric Lunde (electronics)

Matt and Lisa will play as duo, then as trio w/ John Zuma, followed by solo set from jzsp


January 25, 2011

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Lisa McGrath

Isa Gagarin

Glowing Rasps
Markus Lunkenheimer & Matt Wacker


August 17, 2010

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John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn & Lisa McGrath
(guitar, electronics)

Markus Lunkenheimer & Matt Wacker
(built-instruments, electronics)

John Marks


December 8, 2009

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Bill Lang & Alden Ikeda

Lisa McGrath & John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn

Jon Davis & Jeremy Ylvisaker