November 13, 2015

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Sam Hoolihan, John Marks, Crystal Myslajek
16mm films, Voice, Keyboard, Modular Synthesizer

Karen Majewicz (solo accordion)

Bryce Beverlin II (solo gong)


October 22, 2013 @ Soap Factory

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Second & last installment of Tuesday Series transplant shows @ The Soap Factory as part of the MN Biennial ,,, curated by John Marks & David Petersen. Each set will once again be accompanied by visual projections.

Jonathan Kaiser
(projections by Sam Hoolihan)

Squid Fist
(projections by Trevor Adams)

Matt Wacker & Lisa McGrath
(projections by Lisa McGrath & Kendra Pollock)

Soap Factory
514 Second St SE Mpls, MN
Tuesday, Oct 22 | $5 suggested donation