April 19, 2011

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George Cartwright (saxophones)
Bryce Beverlin II (percussion & voice)
Elaine Evans (violin & pocket trumpet)

John Marks (synthesizer)
scores new film(s) by Trevor Adams

(cd-release of “Oh God, Don’t Let Me Die in a Place Like This”)
Scott Currie (bari and alto saxophone)
Erkki Huovinen (guitars, harmonicas, clarinets and keyboards)
Edward Schneider (also saxophone)


May 11, 2010

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Edward Schneider (alto saxophone)
Erkki Huovinen (guitar, woodwinds)
Scott Currie (alto/bari saxophone)

Aerosol Pike
Philip Mann (alto & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion)
Rick Ness (percussion, alto saxophone, multi-toned marching bugle, clarinet)
Ryan Reber (soprano saxophone, amplified cello)

Bill Lang (saxaphone)
Alden Ikeda (percussion)
Brock Thorson (bass)